Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 9

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 9

It's 23rd March, 2017.

180 km done. Another 420 km to go to reach another milestone - Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

So far, so good. God has been wonderful to our Zero Violence254 team of walkers.

John and Douglas are finding tremendous favor wherever they turn.

They set up for the night at The Whitehouse Academy near Sagala lodge.

The Head Teacher and School Manager Whitehouse Academy took a stand against domestic violence.

The team completed 40 km at a place called Ngolia near Mount Ndii.

Their host, for the night even donated some freshly baked bread for their early breakfast.
As they walked on, their next stop was PCEA St. Stephen Academy, Voi.

At this pace, the team is expected to reach Nairobi on the 6th of April.

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