Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 6 In Pictures

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 6 In Pictures

After a momentous Sunday, the team was fired up and ready to face a brand new week.

They woke up at the crack of dawn, 4.30 am to be precise, and left the gracious company of their hosts, Likoni High school, anxious not to overstay their welcome.

Another sobering 40 km lay ahead of them.

And what a day it turned out to be.

John's canvas shoes finally gave in to the punishment of the road (his second pair so far).

A couple of kilometers ahead, an oil trailer overturned.

They watched in astonishment as passers-by and members of the local community rushed to the overturned trailer to scoop its precious cargo.

It's unbelievable to think that anyone can do this, in total oblivion of the horrific tanker explosions that have tainted our history as a nation over the last 12 months.

It seems they didn't care, as long as they had that oil. It caused a massive traffic jam, early in the morning.

Eventually, John and crew stopped by a watering hole for a rest, only to see a group of women ran from them in panic.

It turns out the women thought they were government officials ready to ward them off the water.

For those of you not in Kenya, Kenya is currently undergoing a severe drought. Water reservoirs, dams and taps in both rural and urban areas are close to dry.

These women, unable to fetch water in their homes, had to resort to pitching some water from the KDF Forces watering pipe in a restricted area.

Once they saw that John and Douglas meant no harm, they returned to the watering hole and continued with their business, with occasional smiles at the traveling duo.

A couple of minutes later, after a good rest and refreshment, John and crew set out again, determined to hit the 22 km mark before lunch.

They got a pleasant surprise in the form of our defense forces, led by Senior Superintentendent Marcela Andanje who greeted the team, encouraged them and wished them well.

There was even time for a selfie! 

See some of the highlights of Monday 20th March below!

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