Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 3 Highlights

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 3

Our gallant team of walkers are now on the South Coast of Mombasa, specifically at the Likoni ferry. A cross over the canal will usher them into Mombasa city. They have done 80 km so far.

Day 1 and Day 2 started and ended well. View highlights of those two days here and here.

Now, as the walkers arrive at Likoni, the hustle and bustle of the busy sea port excite John and Douglas.

They draw a crowd as people notice their placards and stop them to find out more about their adventure.

At the end of this day, they will settle for the night at Likoni Police Station, where they get a surprise group of visitors.

View highlights of Day 3 here below.

  • Likoni is the port of call before entering the port city of Mombasa. So far, so good. Our walkers have kept to their deadline and are about to hit their milestone of reaching Mombasa.

  • Our team doesn't give up as they walk along the Diani -Likoni main road.

  • Likoni has a very vibrant and strong Muslim community. Most of the buildings are heavily influenced by Islamic culture in design, build and look.

  • John and Douglas hold the Zero Violence254 banner proud as they enter the busiest corridor street of Likoni-Diani heading towards the ferry. 

  • Local Tuk-Tuk drivers stop John and Douglas Kinyua wondering what Zero Violence254 is all about.

  • Curious passers-by stop John and Douglas to inquire more into the banner they are carrying.

  • The team pass through the small town of Likoni on the South Coast of Kenya. This small trader community sits next to the Likoni ferry and was one of the scenes of skirmishes when post-election violence broke out in 2007.

  • The school girls can't hide their amazement as they hear this bold adventure that John, Douglas Kinyua and Douglas Marete are carrying out for the women and children of Kenya. 

  • Douglas Kinyua gives the school girls get a real glimpse into the daunting task of preparing and undertaking this walk. 

  • Our school guests pose for a group photo with John.

  • Time to whip up a quick meal before tucking in for the night.

  • And with that, it's time to bid you a goodnight! Thank God for His blessings and the tremendous show of support from all the great people of Likoni.

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