Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 26

Zero violence254 walk: day 26

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 26.

Sunday 09 April 2017.

Heavy downcast clouds form in the morning sky as dawn breaks over Runyenjes.

Runyenjes rests 10 km from the border of Embu-Tharaka-Nithi Counties.

With scenic sights of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, it makes for one of the most beautiful places in Kenya.

It's here that our Zero Violence254 team went for Church service.

Right after service, the team was back on the road. By the end of the day, they ended at Chuka, having completed 21 km.

In total, the team has covered 789 km so far.

The Team Braves The Heavy Downpour

April is the long rainy season in Kenya and the clouds decided to offload their precious cargo of water throughout Sunday.

After a long dry spell in the country, we are not complaining.

That didn't stop the team though. They braved the heavy downpour on their quest to reach Chuka.


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