Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 2 Highlights

Zero Violence254 Walk Day 2

Day 2: Zero Violence254 Walk Highlights

Yesterday, The Zero Violence254 Walk was officially flagged off at Lunga Lunga.

A massive crowd of over 100 people, from international and local press, special guests, invited clergy, police chiefs and member of the local community gathered to see history being made.

And as for John, Douglas Kinyua and Douglas Marete?

Well, they walked for 40 kilometers, steadily inching their way towards Mombasa - the first milestone of our epic journey.

Relive some of those highlights here...

  • Slow and steady does it. The trio march on with their sights firmly set on Mombasa city.

  • The comfy, aerated branded Zero Violence T-Shirts and hats provide some refreshing cover against the fleeting winds and blazing high temperatures on Day 2 of this epic adventure.

  • John is flanked on either side by the Douglas 'twins' - Douglas Marete (on the left) and Douglas Kinyua (on the right)

  • The Kwale County has a sparse population density per square kilometer. You can walk for ages without meeting anyone or seeing motels, petrol stations or signs of human settlement.

  • It's noon, and time for a breather, and a bottle of ice cold water.

  • You can't keep Douglas Kinyua from smiling broadly. Douglas is one of the most positive people to have around you. His broad grin and bright outlook on life is one of the reasons he is so popular at Ripples International. He is a worthy companion for a great walk like this.

  • Shoes finally gave in to the punishment of the relentless heat and tortuous gravel.

  • Even the blazing noonday sun doesn't deter our gallant walkers. With temperatures soaring to highs of 32 degrees, progress was painfully tough.

  • John thanks God for a successful Day 2 of the Zero Violence254 Walk.

    80 km down, 1420 km more to go. 

    Tomorrow, all feet point to Mombasa!

  • It's lights out on Day 2 of the Zero Violence254 Walk. Tomorrow, Mombasa city is firmly in our sights. It's been a great beginning to an ambitious walk.

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