Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 19

Professor Koi, in the center joins the Zero Violence254 Walk

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 19

After a triumphant arrival in Nairobi, the Zero Violence254 Walk team had a much deserved two day rest over the 1st weekend in April.

Spreading The Zero Violence254 Agenda to Missions, Churches

As part of their scheduled rest stop, the team visited Deliverance Church Dagoretti on Sunday 2 April 2017, where they spoke to the congregation about the Zero Violence254 vision and mission.

John and Douglas relived highlights of their impressive journey so far, with accounts of the wonderful people who have come out to support the initiative so far.


Renewed Spirits and Energy Levels

The two-day rest did the team well.

Douglas was back in the gym prepping for the 350 km from Nairobi to Meru that lay ahead of them.

He was raring to go by the time Monday morning came about!


Monday 3 April: All Systems Go!

As they gathered together at Uhuru Park, the team got additional support from Ripples International staff members Ann Muthoni and Catherine Gatwiri.

Catherine Gatwiri (in a blue jumper) and Ann Muthoni (in red) join John and Douglas as they begin the walk from Uhuru Park in Nairobi County to Mwea in Kirinyaga County.


Both Ann and Catherine head the Tumaini Girls Center, a division of Ripples International that shelters abused girls between the ages of 6-16.

A considerable amount of their work is managing, restoring and rehabilitating teenage girls from the devastating effects of domestic violence. This walk is therefore very important to them.

This time, they had an additional walker in their team...


Professor Koi, in the center with a white t-shirt, joins the Zero Violence254 Walk

Professor Koi leads a prominent University in Uganda and had traveled from Uganda specifically to lend her support to this Walk!

Professor Koi had committed to walking the entire 40 km stretch with the team that would take them to Mwea - Kenya's rice growing area in Kirinyaga County.


Tracing The Route

From Uhuru Park, the walkers would head north-south to the Thika super highway, where they would leave the city heading to Ruiru.

From Ruiru they would forge forwards for Thika. Thika lies around 30 km outside the city.

They would pass the lush pineapple growing plantations of Thika and heads to Makuyu.

From Makuyu, they would descend to Kenya's longest river, the River Tana, from where they would begin a slight ascent to Makutano, the commercial town junction that leads to Mwea.

Mwea is famous for growing much of the Nation's rice crop. It's accentuated by beautiful, picturesque flat plains with breathtaking views of Mount Kenya. 

This would chronicle the day's 40 km walk.

Let's relive highlights in picture form, for the Nairobi - Mwea walk. 

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