Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 13 Highlights

Zero Violence Day 13 Highlights

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 13 Highlights

Day 13 of this epic walk contained a number of great surprises including a visit from the OCPD Commander, Kibwezi Post, Mr. Leonard Kimaiyo.

It's Monday 27 March 2016.

We've entered Day 13 of the amazing Zero Violence254 Walk.

John Burke Baidoo and Douglas Kinyua have covered over 220 km so far.

The word about their heroic feat is spreading far and wide.

One of the people who got wind of the incredible traveling duo is OCPD Commander for Kibwezi, Mr. Leonard Kimaiyo.

He was out to meet the team as soon as they got to his area of jurisdiction.

he brought them water and provided security throughout the 40 km day's stretch.

The OCPD Commander came with a group of policemen who formed a car escort for John and Douglas for the remainder of the day's walk.

 See highlights of Mr. Leonard  Kimaiyo's visit below.Zero Violence254 Petition

We take this time to thank the Commander for his kind gesture and wish him and his team at Kibwezi Police Post well as they protect our community.

So far, the Zero Violence254 team has covered an incredible 250 km and are only 250 km away from Nairobi.

Amazing progress indeed! 

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