Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 12

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 12.

It’s Sunday 26 March 2017. The next 24 hours will be characterized by non stop action, flash floods and scorpion invasions.

420/520 km of the Mombasa-Nairobi walk are complete.

13/62 days are done.

At this point, we need to wish John Burke Baidoo and Douglas Kinyua a hearty congratulations!

Their gritty determination and resolve have enabled them achieve this milestone so far.

With 420 km already done, this is a good time to lend your support to the Initiative!

They are making the (impossible) walk possible.

Show your support by buying a step of the 420 km already completed.

Zero Violence254 Petition

Just to let you know about how tough this assignment is… when we spoke to our professional long distance runners about the walk, they cautioned John from walking 40 km a day.

They said they only do 30 km at a go.

John insisted that the daily target would remain 40 km.

And so far, they have achieved that milestone every single day.

It tells you how tough and draining such a daily walk can be.

Zebra, Antelope and Scorpions

On Sunday 26 March, the team camped at the Salvation Army Church in Mtito Andei for the evening.

During the day, the team were face to face with zebra and antelope during their 40 km walk.

Now, at night, they got up, close and candid with scorpions.

It was a remarkable stroke of hindsight that prompted Douglas Marete to encourage the team to set up their tents on the bare sandy ground as opposed to the tall yellow grass surrounding the Church compound.

The tents that John and Douglas are camping in.

One of John’s ‘neighbors’ on Sunday 26 March, 2017.

That’s because the minute they set them up, they could see scorpions skipping through the sand and into the grass.

If they had set up the tents on the grassy area, they were prone to attacks.

Scorpions are no stranger to Kenyan terrain.

You will mostly find them in Samburu country, Turkana, parts of Tsavo and Makueni.

In fact, there are 25 known varieties of scorpions found in Kenya.


A Night Of Rain, And Scorpions Hiding In Tents

In fact, as they settled for the night, one of the scorpions entered the tents and needed to be killed.

Soon after midnight,  a heavy downpour ensued and the tents were filled with water.

Unfortunately, despite the heavy downpour that drenched their tents, they couldn’t open them  and seek refuge elsewhere as that would mean walking through the dark undergrowth where more scorpions were lurking.

They had to endure the rain and emerge early in the morning to dry their clothes.

Thankfully, there were no other incidents during the evening.

As dawn broke on Monday 27th March, the team, though slightly tired and wet, was ready for the day’s adventure. They began their walk to Kibwezi at 6 am.


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