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By signing the Zero Violence254 Petition, you add your voice to the millions of Kenyans choosing to actively prevent domestic violence from destroying our marriages, families, neighborhoods and country!

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By signing this Zero Violence254 petition, you say no to all forms of violence, just like we do here at Zero Violence254. Our Zero Violence254 team is currently on an epic (almost) impossible 1,500km from Kwale to Moyale. So far, John Burke Baidoo, Douglas Kinyua and Douglas Marete have covered over 100 kilometers and going strong every day! They are making the impossible walk possible! They will raise 15 million shillings and create awareness for the Protection Against Domestic Violence Kenya Act. In the process, thousands of people will know their rights and avoid needless suffering through lack of knowledge and fear of victimization. All monies raised will go towards funding free legal aid for survivors of domestic and electoral violence in Kenya. You can lend your support by signing this petition. We aim to collect 1 million signatures and place this petition in the hands of our Government as PROOF that we are saying no to all forms of violence in Kenya. This petition, in their hands, will help agitate for better legislation to protect our women and children from perpetrators of violent crimes in Kenya. Will you join us? Sign the Zero Violence254 Petition below!

By Signing This Petition, I Say No To All Forms Of Violence


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