Zero Violence254: Grand Finale

Zero Violence254: Grand Finale

We Have To Finish Strong!!

That was the message from Kagwiria Mbogori of Kenya National Commission of Human Rights (KNHCR)

Indeed the Zero Violence254 team lived up to this expectation.

John Burke Baidoo, Douglas Kinyua and Douglas Marete defied insurmountable odds to finish the grueling 1,500 km Kwale to Moyale walk in less time than anticipated.

In fact, they completed it 11 days ahead of schedule!

They arrived in Moyale on 4th May 2017, having began the walk on 15 March 2017 in Kwale.

In accomplishing this feat, they walked further than anyone else has done by starting in Kenya's deep south and arriving at Kenya's most northern-most tip.

It is said a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

This is only the beginning of the fight against all forms of violence.

#ZeroViolence254 continues!

Relive highlights of the epic finale below in our slideshow as the team arrived in Moyale to a rousing welcome and reception. 

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