Zero Violence254: Day 33 Laisamis To Marsabit

Zero Violence254: Day 33

Laisamis To Marsabit Town

Marsabit is the city of the northern Marsabit County, surrounded by the Marsabit National Park and Marsabit National Reserve.

By the end of the day, John, Douglas Marete, and Douglas Kinyua will have arrived in Marsabit town where they will spend the night.

The end is just in sight!

Marsabit: The Largest County In Kenya

We say this because Marsabit is the largest county in Kenya and our end goal, the town of Moyale is within Marsabit County.

By arriving in Marsabit town, the team will have covered over 1,200 km and lie only a couple of km from their destination target.


Marsabit Town

Let's tell you a little bit about Marsabit town.

It's the capital of Marsabit County and its largest town is Moyale. The county has a population of 291,166.

The County is divided into four administrative zones

  • Laisamis constituency
  • North Horr constituency
  • Sakhu constituency
  • Moyale constituency

It will take the team over 10 days to finally arrive in Moyale, due to the sandstorms, strong tailwinds and high temperatures.

All these factors will considerably slow down progress every day.

However, the team is as strong as ever!


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