Zero Violence254: Laisamis Day 32

Zero Violence254: Laisamis Day 32

It's Saturday 22nd April and Day 32 of the Zero Violence254 walk.

Our team of walkers are in Laisamis.

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, Mercy Chidi Baidoo spent the day with our heroic Zero Violence254 walkers at the Laisamis Secondary school where our walkers camped for the night.

By the end of Friday 21st April, the team had arrived at Laisamis.

Laisamis lies 30 km away from Archer's Post and 40 km from Isiolo.

It's a small desert town, and for many this is marks the beginning of the northern frontier.

It's dry, arid and barren.

But our walkers made it through the extreme temperatures.

On the way to Laisamis, John, Douglas Marete and Douglas Kinyua have seen the devastating effects of the countrywide drought that has wiped out hundreds of cattle and livestock, while making daily life almost impossible for daily residents.


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