Zero Violence254: Day 30 Isiolo To Laisamis

Zero Violence254

Day 30: Isiolo To Laisamis

John and the Zero Violence254 team spent a couple of days in Isiolo before setting out for Laisamis.

Laisamis is the beginning point of vast barren desert that stretches all the way through Marsabit and further north to Moyale.

Laisamis Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of four constituencies in Marsabit County. The entire constituency is located within Marsabit County Council area. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections.

By the end of the day, John and crew will have covered 30 km and arrive at the Laisamis secondary school.

While in days past, John and Douglas would cover 40 km per day, this is not going to be possible as the team enters Isiolo country.

This is because the temperatures are very high and there is a lack of water supplies and accommodation facilities.

To keep from dehydration and exhaustion, the team agreed to limit every day's excursion to 30 km.


A Visit To Radio Shahidi In Isiolo

Before setting out for Laisamis, John had time to visit Radio Shahidi, where he is a weekly guest at the local legal aid morning show and shared his insights on the ongoing Zero Violence254 walk.

The show elicited exciting reactions from the listeners who called in record numbers to ask various questions about the end-goal of the walk.

As John himself will tell you, the end goal is,"Zero violence!"


Onwards To Laisamis

After the show and after visiting some of the Police and legal authorities in the town, John and Douglas set out for Laisamis.

The route will take them through Archer's Post, around 15 km ahead of them and then further north to Laisamis. Like we mentioned, Laisamis is one of Marsabit's four constituencies, dry, barren and very hot.

Unfortunately, it is also ravaged by famine and drought. Along the way, the crew witnessed a number of dead carcasses of cattle that seemed to have died from starvation.

It was a tough journey!

Thankfully, John has an army escort to make the journey more comfortable.

Relive some of the highlights in the slideshow below!

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