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John Burke Baidoo

John Burke Baidoo

Director of Access To Justice, Human Rights International Lawyer

John Burke Baidoo

International Human Rights Lawyer

John Burke Baidoo is a lawyer specializing in human rights activism around women and children.

He earned a law degree from Ghana and trained on Human Rights work in Switzerland.

He is currently a trustee and Africa Director for legal services, Ripples International having worked as the first elected Ghanaian Ambassador to the Economic, Cultural, and Social Council (ECOSSOC) of the African Union.

During this period He worked very closely with several African Heads of states and dignitaries including Kenya’s Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai.

He continues to work in various capacities to protect and promote respect for the rights of women and children around the world.

He is married to Mercy Chidi Baidoo and together they have five children.

Douglas Kinyua

Douglas Kinyua

Project Officer, Ripples International

Douglas Kinyua

Project Officer, Ripples International

Douglas Kinyua is a fitness enthusiast, as well as Project Officer serving in the Access to Justice program under Ripples International.

Access to Justice is a program that provides free legal advice to needy members of the community in the matters of family and inheritance law.

Douglas will be walking alongside John. He has been instrumental in helping John get ready for the walk of his lifetime.

His enthusiasm for sports is un-equaled and alongside John Burke Baidoo, he will be attempting to make history by pushing the limits of human endurance for a good cause.

Douglas Kinyua has a degree in Social sciences from the Moi University.

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Zero Violence254 is an initiative of Ripples International to end all forms of violence in Kenya. This targeted national level initiative will promote new behaviors, amplify the voices against Domestic and Electoral Violence to create positive choices in the citizenry, and promote action against the various and emerging forms of violence plaguing the nation. Participate in the Zero Violence254 Initiative today. 'Buy-A-Step' for only Ksh 500/-. Spread the word via social media by visiting our social media pages Facebook: @ZeroViolence254 and Twitter: @zeroviolence. Join the twitter conversation via our hashtag #ZeroViolence254.

Kenyans from all over the country

are getting involved in the Zero Violence254 Initiative.

  • Testimonial
    Stephen NimishCOO, Business Ventures

    It's bold, it's courageous, it's  daunting...but John will make it. It's a walk that has never been achieved before and I know John has what it takes to make it happen. Let's all come together to support this worthy cause. Our country is more important than divisions of ethnicity. We need corporate organizations to jump on board this initiative.

  • Timothy KoomePublic Relations Officer, Ripples International

    What can you say about a walk like this? I was with John when he conducted the recce, and it is a very tough hallene ahead. Think about it! He will be walking through five counties, through hot and cold altitude regions. Unbelievably hot temperatures ranging in the 40 degree territory face you as you head towards Moyale. It's not an easy task. God be with you. I admire your strength, courage and determination.  

  • Njoroge MaingiKenya Police DCIO, Nairobi County

    Only leaders attempt such daunting challenges! John, you are an example to all. What an excellent way to champion the rights of those who were left helpless by the aftermath of post-election violence and other forms of violence that we witness every day. I offer you my full support, prayers and attention. When you reach Nairobi, I will be here waiting to continue the walk with you.

  • Testimonial
    John AbrahamCEO, The Forrester Initiative, Chicago

    John, this is such a bold move. Well done! We wish you all the success and you can be assured of our company's support in this undertaking. We pray that the whole country rallies behind your effort and we see more than a hundred Kenyans join you on this ambitious walk.

  • Mr. Patrick Oduma, OCPD- Msambweni,

    The relief set out in the Penal Code are restrictive. Prosecutors and lawyers will have a wider scope to seek relief for domestic violence victims and this, every person ought to know.

  • Mr. Herbert A Kombo. Assistant County Commissioner, Gadamuji/Central

    We will give you all the support you need  for this walk. Civil Society remains the most effective channel in disseminating the message of peace which is critical for a time like this.

  • Mercy Chidi Baidoo / Co-Founder and CEO, Ripples

    My daily work involves saving orphans and vulnerable children from the effects of domestic violence. When post election violence broke out in our country over 8 years ago, I had to intervene in the Samburu and Isiolo regions and mobilize the community to avoid participating in violence. I knew the results of such actions - broken homes, a shattered economy, fathers and brothers jailed, abandoned children, displaced families... What happened back then was heart-breaking, and I never want to see it happen again. I'm fully behind my husband as he attempts this walk. I know how dear this initiative is to him and I will do all I can to ensure that it is a success.