Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 27

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 27

Zero Violence254 Walk: Day 27

Monday 10 April.

It's amazing to think of the astonishing progress that John, Douglas Kinyua and Douglas Marete have done so far in their quest to accomplish the (impossible) 1,500 km walk.

Another Milestone Completed: Enter Meru County

Today, they will enter the bustling County of Meru, halfway through this epic trek.

In the process, they will conduct a number of civic education workshops and talks in various Churches while visiting a number of Non Governmental organizations as they build up support for the Initiative and the 'Protection Against Domestic Violence Act of Kenya.

This time, they have a sizeable crowd to walk the last couple of km with them to Meru town, including Church goers, the Women's Representative for Meru and other dignitaries.

Of course, long time friend Professor Koi who has been waking with them from Nairobi is still with them.

As they navigate the steep ascent of the Meru hills, lying on the foot of Mount Kenya, this support is much needed.


Highlights Of This Worthy Initiative

This being the Easter week, we have a lot to celebrate. Just as John, Kinyua and Marete are walking for a cause, it's important to remember that Jesus walked to Calvary on our behalf as well.

Take a look at highlights of the Chuka -Meru leg here.


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