Zero Violence254 Walk

Walking Against Domestic and Election Violence In kenya

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Taking A Stand Against Domestic And Election Violence In Kenya

John Burke Baidoo will be attempting the impossible walk dubbed the Zero Violence254 Walk on the 15 of March 2017.

Accompanied by Douglas Kinyua of Ripples International, John will be pushing the limits of human endurance by walking 30 km every day over a distance of 1500 kilometers from the southern-most tip of Kenya in Kwale to Moyale – the northernmost tip of Kenya.

This feat has never been attempted before.

John intends to accomplish it within two months.

Ripples International, a non profit organization, supports the walk as part of its agenda to champion the rights of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC); many of whom were victims of domestic and post-election violence in Kenya many years ago.

This historic walk will create awareness on the newly enacted ‘Protection Against Domestic Violence Act’, Electoral Violence and also to raise funds for its Access to Justice Program, a legal initiative that assists the less privileged in society with free access to professional legal justice.

This targeted national level campaign will promote new behaviors, amplify the voices against domestic violence and electoral violence to create positive changes in the citizenry, and promote action against the various and merging forms of violence plaguing the nation.

As part of the legal outreach, the duo will facilitate group discussions for adolescent girls and boys to challenge attitudes, promote debate and undertake collective action against all forms of violence.


What we are doing

  • Providing free legal aid to needy members of society
  • Agitating an end to domestic violence in Kenya
  • Creating awareness for the “Protection Against Domestic Violence Act”
  • Championing ethnic sobriety and brotherly love

How can you help?

  • $10 Earns you a delightful ZeroViolence254 cap
  • $15 Buys you a trendy Zero Violence254 branded jersey
  • $50 Buys a Step of the Zero Violence254 1,500 km walk
  • $100 Enables a displaced family earn legal assistance in recovery of family property
  • $500 Will provide legal aid for 5 people


  1. Linda Higdon

    We are Global Heart Journeys are proud to be sponsors of the walk for ZERO VIOLENCE. We stand with the valiant efforts of Ripples International and John Burke, the visionary behind this campaign! No person should tolerate acts of violence perpetrated by another human being for any reason! Please join us to claim peace inherent in all of life!

  2. Douglas Kinyua

    This is a great initiative by the organization. It is the voice to the voiceless, a key to unlock the shackles of the indigents. This is a world changer campaign, no woman should succumb to the jaws of violence. God Bless Ripples International.

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