Message From Board Of Trustees Chair – Ripples International

Paul Higdon, Board Of Trustees Chair –

Ripples International

“There are so many statistics about domestic violence. In fact, this website contains many which are quite informative and illuminating.

Yet we must bear in mind that “statistics are human beings with the tears dried off”.Paul Higdon

Whatever the numbers may tell us, domestic violence is enveloped in pain and suffering—surely for the unfortunate victim but imagine as well the soul sickness that drives the perpetrator to commit such acts against a loved one.


The first step toward healing any malady is to admit that there is a problem.


The epic walk that John and Douglas are undertaking seeks to break the silence on this social blight and inspire all to take action.

Just as their walk may seem (almost) impossible, it is not impossible as they will surely prove.

So while the eradication of domestic violence may seem (almost) impossible, great strides can be made toward its elimination.

As John and Douglas take to the road,  please consider supporting their efforts by “buying a step”, becoming a sponsor, or walking alongside them as they pass through your region.

And the greatest support of all is for you to do your part to confront domestic violence in your community.


Wishing you richest blessings,

I am yours faithfully,

Paul Higdon


Board of Trustees

Ripples International


  1. Jeremy Ocholla

    We’re with you, John! Go for it! We’ll join in at Nanyuki!

  2. Mercy Chidi Biadoo

    I am taking a stand because Kenya women and Girls need a voice. I want to be that voice. Please take a stand with me and say No to all form of violence

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