6 Influential Ways To Support Zero Violence254 Initiative

6 Influential Ways To Support Zero Violence254 Initiative

6 Influential Ways To Support Zero Violence254 Initiative

Try asking a friend for two thousand shillings when you are in need and 90% of them will avoid returning your call.
So you can imagine just how hard it is for someone to do a generous deed for you when there is no hope of reward.

That’s exactly what John Burke Baidoo will do when he attempts the Zero Violence254 walk from 15 March 2017.


Why The Zero Violence254 Walk?

Thousands of Kenyans are beyond the reach of affordable legal counsel. They end up getting their legal rights violated as a result.

Thousands have been displaced from their family land. Girls, as young as 16 years old, have been violated by unscrupulous individuals.

Without adequate funds and support, they are left to bear the fruits of such heinous crimes in the form of unwanted pregnancies, health complications and depression.

The funds raised in this walk will fund the legal counsel and support of these needy Kenyans affected by domestic and electoral violence.


Planning The Zero Violence254 Walk

Starting from Kwale in the deep south of Kenya, John will walk to the north-west border town of Moyale, a total distance of 15000km.

The purpose of the walk is to champion awareness for the newly enacted Protection Against Domestic Violence Act as well as raising funds to support the legal assistance for the less fortunate in society.


Testing The Limits Of Human Endurance

To understand the magnitude of this journey, consider driving from Kwale to Moyale by car.

It’s already a formidable task that would take you 30 hours, or one and a half days.

In the process you would drive through mangrove forest, coastal climate country, the Tsavo National Game Reserve, plateau hinterland, the highlands north of the rift valley and finally desert country.

Temperatures would fluctuate from a high of 35 degrees to averages of 26 degrees, then 11 degrees before shooting up again to averages of 40 degrees as you approach Marsabit.

In short, you would be attempting to conquer altitudes beginning at sea level rising up to 1200 meters above sea level, leveling at 1800 meters above sea level before climbing to highs of 2400 meters above sea level finally dipping into the 1000 meters altitude territory.

Now imagine enduring all that in only 60 days.
Is John really serious about this?

Well, he did a tough eye-opening recce a month ago. You can read all about it here.


A Medical Perspective

We sought a doctor’s opinion about the effects of such a walk on the human body.

Here’s what we found out.

According to Verywell, a human being can comfortably walk up to 38km a day without breaking down.

However, there is a catch.

Walking 16km is more of a challenge.

You are prone to develop blisters on your toes, heels and ball of your foot.

A Human being can comfortably walk 38km every day but not consistently.

According to Harvard Health, you’re also prone to experiencing constant stitches and joint pains the longer you walk such long distances without proper recuperation.


A Constant Change of Shoes

Shoes and gear that worked fine for two hours may not be ideal for four hours.

John will walk 40km every day for 60 days, a combined daily average of  a 6 hour walk.


Strength And Endurance Needed For Such A Walk

On a 600km walk, say from Mombasa to Nairobi, the human body would gradually lose strength and endurance to walk longer distances.

In other words, the distance you can walk every day gradually reduces as the human body strives to recover from the extreme punishment on tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue.

The need for the human body to recuperates increases in direct proportion to the daily amount of pressure exerted on muscles.

In fact, as you walk longer distances, you are bound to tear small ligaments and muscle tissue.

With every tissue that is torn, the body needs a longer period to time to rebuild and regenerate the tissue.

Consider your normal day activities.

Even with that kind of schedule, doctors recommend that you get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep so your body can regenerate itself fully.

Now amplify your regular activities by a 500% and you get a glimpse on the kind of punishment you are demanding from your body.

With a tremendous amount of pressure being put on the heel, knee and ankle joints every day, you are bound to suffer ankle pains, back pains, severe dehydration and torn muscle tissue.

People have tried walking from Mombasa to Nairobi. In the process, they endured blisters, swollen ankles, painful sun-burnt skin, dehydration, fatigue and dizziness.

In other words a distance of 600 km is enough to make you give up.

John will attempt to triple that in one attempt.
That’s a daunting task.

And the sobering thing about all this is that John will do it all for a group of people who may never even get to meet him.
That begs the question, why on earth would John even think of doing something like this?

To answer that question, we need to understand John’s background.

Who Is John Burke Baidoo?

John is an international human rights activism lawyer, inspired by his work with African greats like Koffi Annan and the late Prof Wangari Maathai.

He specializes in human right activitism work focusing on women and children.

He earned a law degree from Ghana and trained on Human Rights work in Switzerland.

He is currently a trustee and Africa Director for legal services, Ripples International having worked as the first elected Ghanaian Ambassador to the Economic, Cultural, and Social Council (ECOSSOC) of the African Union.

He’s seen the pain of many as they try to come to terms with ruthless powerful individuals who strip helpless individuals of their land inheritance.

With no power to fight back, they succumb to their fate and resort to a life of abject poverty.

Does this happen in modern day Kenya?

Well, John has seen it all. That why he spends all his time dispensing professional counsel and aid to the less fortunate on society.

Based at the heart of Mount kenya, in Meru, John leads a formidable team under the ‘Access to Justice’ program, a legal initiative that helps those who can’t afford legal justice earn their day in court.


On a normal day, John and his team meet a total of 15 clients.

Every week, he features as a special legal guest on a morning talk show airing on Radio Shahidi in Isiolo town, a 45 minute drive from his office.

Free Legal Counsel For The Less Fortunate In Society

He does this every week to share free professional legal opinion to listeners, most of whom call in with urgent pertinent questions about land inheritance and domestic family law issues.

In a time where most people are unschooled on their rights under the Constitution, John sees their desperation as they strive to figure out what to do in their situation.

Most of them are seeking urgent intervention in issues that will cause you and me to baulk.

For instance, are you still able to reclaim your rightful land when it was snatched from you over 15 years ago?

What do you do when you are the rightful inheritor of family land and that is dispossessed from you by powerful land tycoons?

Or what do you do when in a case of divorce, you are left without nothing as your former partner forcibly posses the land and causes you to be arrested?

John deals with complicated family law issues that would naturally cost his clients million in court fees and professional legal representation.


Free Legal Representation

Yet John does it free of charge for those unable to afford legal representation.

Anyone who has been involved in a court case of this magnitude in Kenya knows that how long the court case can drag on for years.

Ultimately, they end up costing the petitioner millions in court fees.

It’s the pain of loss and helplessness that John witnesses on the faces of these people every week that causes John to attempt the Impossible walk.
But there is another earth-shattering revelation that is even more sobering.


The Forgotten Kenyans

10 years after the aftermath of the most devastating period in Kenya’s history, thousands of people are still displaced from their land.

Many more live in camps.

They are the forgotten Kenyans, victims of a brutal post-election war that they were not even part of.

Post-Election Violence 2007

The post-election violence of 2007 saw over 32 000 people losing their lives, 300,000 people displaced in an ugly brutal clash of ethnic proportions.

Ripples International and Access to Justice are no strangers to the brutal domestic violence that emerged from this horrific period of history.

Many families were dispossessed from their land and girls, as young as 12 years old, raped.

With their education rudely interrupted, these children had to rely on support to feed and raise their children.

Unable to bear the shame and anger at such a heinous act, many girls abandoned their babies at police stations, by the wayside and in pit latrines.


The Amazing Role Ripples International Plays

It fell on Ripples International, a local Charity based in Meru to rescue these abandoned babies, nurse them back to health and give them a meaningful life.

Ripples International also shelters many young girls below the age of 16 who have suffered sexual violence that has disrupted their education, dignity and health.

10 years later, many of these Kenyans are now forgotten.

Politicians forgot their promises to restore their land and provide them legal aid.

As we approach another tense electioneering period, the same politicians will arrive back in town with a bag of goodies that will in most cases be left unfulfilled.

10 years later, many of these Kenyans are still grappling with the emotional wounds from such crimes against humanity.

And 10 years later, Access to Justice is still receiving cases emanating from the post-election violence.

The 2017 election has already seen a rise in political temperatures.

There is an unusual apathy towards the upcoming vote that resembles the calm before the storm.


This Is The Right Time To Conduct The Walk

After analyzing this apathy and general tension in the air, Ripples International believe this is the right time to diffuse the quiet anger and ensure a Zero Violence election year.

When this walk is concluded on the 16th of June, we will be right on the heels of the General Election.

The best way to do this is to attempt a historic and impossible Zero Violence walk that agitates zero violence, ethnic harmony and awareness of the newly enacted ‘Protection Against Domestic Violence Act.’

The walk will also raise funds for the Access to Justice program, so that over 2,000 more deserving Kenyans can finally access the justice they so desperately need.

Now that we know that, what can we do?

Use these 6 Influential Ways To Support Zero Violence254 Initiative today.


6 Influential Ways To Support Zero Violence254 Initiative

1. Walk A Mile With John Burke Baidoo

John will walk through 16 counties, starting with Kwale, Mombasa, Machakos, Narobi, Kiambu, Meru, Isiolo and Marsabit.

In either of these areas, you can come out and join John in walking the next mile.

John will appreciate this gesture.

It would strengthen him and make an awefully long distance seem short.

2. Buy A Step

‘Buy-A-Step as the name suggests, enables you buy one of John’s million steps for an affordable price.

You can opt for singular or custom ‘Buy-A-Step’ packs.

Every step you buy enables John inch closer towards his vision of raising 15 million shillings.

Corporates can buy a special branded custom pack of branded steps that you can use as a reminder of your participation in this historic initiative.


3. Pray The Impossible Into Possible

Every day for 60 days, say a prayer for John for supernatural strength.

Download our Zero Violence254 Prayer Kit here.

We believe that the spiritual powers the physical. John will need over a million people praying for his success in his venture.

Your prayers and wishes will give John the strength he needs, the comfort and encouragement he needs to make this dream a reality.

4. Spread the Zero Violence254 Message

You can spread the Zero Violence message in either of the following ways:

i) Tell your family:

Share this epic adventure with your family members. Call them up, send them a text message, or whatsapp pic or via instagram.

ii) Tell your friends via social media.

Link to our social media pages and handles here:

iii) Change your twitter profile pic to the Zero Violence254 profile pic.

iv) ‘Click-And-Tweet’

We’ve prepared a special pack of tweets that you can schedule and tweet without breaking a sweat.

The best thing is that these tweets have been tested and proven to result in higher message exposure and visibility.

All you have to do is ‘click-and-tweet’
Access your ‘click-and-tweet’ messages here.

Follow the conversation on Twitter via the hashtag #ZeroViolence


v) Facebook posts

Like the Zero Violence254 Facebook page. Forward the Zero Violence posts to 12 of your friends every day for 10 days



5. Buy Merchandise

We have trendy merchandise available for you to buy.

Buy our stylish caps, T-Shirts and badges at the Zero Violence254 online store and gift them to your friends and family.

We have the following range of merchandise

  1. Caps
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Badges


6. Show The TRUE Side Of Kenyan Nature

Kenyans are among the friendliest people in the world.

Every year, thousands of foreigners come to settle in our country. They love the climate, the land and the friendly nature of Kenyans.

You’ve experienced this yourself.

If you are lost, ask any Kenyan and they will be more than willing to give you directions to your intended destination. Unfortunately, its ruthless politicians who incite friendly Kenyans to violence.

This is our time to show our TRUE Kenyan nature that protects, supports, encourages and champions greatness.

That leads us to our next point.


7. Vote in the right leaders

Any leader agitating for a show of force in contesting any result is not worth being a Kenyan leader.

In August 2017, we have the opportunity to show our resolve by refusing to be part of their evil devices.

Vote them out, so we can vote the right leaders in.

Resisting the urge to protest and trigger violence is the only way we can protect our county. The change starts with us, not with these so called leaders.


8. Become a part of history

No one has ever attempted such a walk.
It’s bold.
It’s daunting.
It’s possible.

Yes, with your help, every impossibility becomes a possibility.

Become a part of history today.


John stands on the brink of history with the Zero Violence 254 initiative.

He will attempt a 1500 km through 16 Counties in only 60 days to raise awareness of the newly enacted Protection Against Domestic Violence Act, the devastating effects of domestic and electoral violence on Kenyans.

The funds raised will help fund the legal assistance and counsel for over needy Kenyans in the matters of family and inheritance law matters.

With your help, you can help ensure the success of the Zero Violence Initiative as well as kicking all forms of violence out of Kenya once and for all.
Use these 6 influential methods to help John achieve his goal of conquering 1500 km and kicking violence out of Kenya once and for all.

Which one of these methods will you employ today?

Leave us a comment below.

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